The Liebherr 280-EC-H12 Tower Crane

The Liebherr 280-EC-H12 is one of the most dependable and advanced tower cranes on the market. This hydraulic excavator combines a powerful engine with an intuitive control system that makes operation straightforward and reliable for almost any industry. Whether you’re in construction, farming, or any other industrial sector, the Liebherr 280-EC-H12 is a wise choice that can help take your production to new heights.

The Many Benefits of a Liebherr Excavator

Liebherr has long been a leader within the construction industry thanks to its robust and efficient range of equipment. Models like the 280-EC-H12 are no exception; they offer superior power and performance at incredible value for money. These cranes have a number of beneficial features that users will appreciate:

  • They boast impressive lifting power, allowing them to move heavy materials with ease
  • Their operating systems are user friendly and intuitive – even new operators can pick up how to use them quickly
  • They feature adjustable track widths so they can be optimised for different terrain conditions
  • They are designed with safety in mind; emergency shutoffs and other safety features make these models as safe as possible

In addition to these features, the Liebherr 280-EC-H12 tower crane also offers cost savings over time through its efficient fuel consumption rate. This means lower running costs in the long term, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to cut back on their operating expenses.

Overall, if you’re looking for a tower crane that gives reliable results every time  then look no further than the Liebherr 280-EC-H12 crane. 

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