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Liebherr are the largest supplier of tower cranes in the world. We have a  large range of Liebherr tower cranes in our portfolio which are the perfect  solution for every construction task.

With Liebherr up to date technology the driver is able to control a crane  more efficiently and optimise handling.

The Liebherr Flat-Top Ec-B tower crane features simple and practical erection and transport. Their special design without tower head also means  that multiple cranes can work closely and safely together on construction  sites. The Litronic assistance system helps crane operators with their work  whilst also increasing handling capacity, reliability and safety.

The Liebherr Flat-Top Ec-B tower crane can be combined with other  towers. Even the largest Flat-Top crane can be used with the HC 290 tower  system without any restrictions. This allows top economy with a  conventional tower system.

Flat-Top Ec-B tower cranes are standard on building sites at the moment.  Ours are at: Dublin Airport; Santry and Dublin 9.

Liebherr High-Top Ec-H tower cranes are suitable for medium and large  building projects. The high performance drive units enable them to deliver  high handling capacities. The Litronic control system can be adapted to the  personal requirements of the crane driver and site specifications.

Our Liebherr High-Top Ec-H tower cranes are on sites at: Griffith Avenue;  Killester; Blackrock; Leopardstown; Dun Laoghaire and Dublin 9.

Liebherr HC tower cranes are suitable for projects which require high hook  heights and radii. These cranes can manage enormous load capacities that  can be positioned within millimetres.

Our Liebherr HC tower cranes are on construction sites in: Dun Laoghaire  and Dublin 18.